Black Storm-Petrel Range - CWHR B584 [ds968]

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Range maps of California's regularly-occurring vertebrates were digitized as GIS layers to support the predictions of the CWHR System software, which allows users to query for wildlife species meeting a set of location and habitat conditions. Presently, they are used to help generate a tabular location database for the system software. Outside the system software, the GIS layers are used to support species richness assessments for statewide conservation planning.


Vector datasets of CWHR range maps are one component of California Wildlife Habitat Relationships (CWHR), a comprehensive information system and predictive model for California's wildlife. The CWHR System was developed to support habitat conservation and management, land use planning, impact assessment, education, and research involving terrestrial vertebrates in California. CWHR contains information on life history, management status, geographic distribution, and habitat relationships for wildlife species known to occur regularly in California. Range maps represent the maximum, current geographic extent of each species within California. They were originally delineated at a scale of 1:5,000,000 by species-level experts and have gradually been revised at a scale of 1:1,000,000. For more information about CWHR, visit the CWHR webpage ( ). The webpage provides links to download CWHR data and user documents such as a look up table of available range maps including species code, species name, and range map revision history; a full set of CWHR GIS data; .pdf files of each range map or species life history accounts; and a User Guide.


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West -124.478301 East -117.095067
North 40.267806 South 32.478285

Scale Range
Maximum (zoomed in) 1:5,000
Minimum (zoomed out) 1:150,000,000

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Title Black Storm-Petrel Range - CWHR B584 [ds968]
Publication date 2016-02-0100:00:00

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These are the same layers as appear in the CWHR System software. Citation for the CWHR System is as follows: California Department of Fish and Wildlife California Interagency Wildlife Task Group. [DATE downloaded]. CWHR version [insert version number X.X] personal computer program. Sacramento, CA.

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Supplemental information
The following information describes, and should always accompany, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife's California Wildlife Habitat Relationship System (CWHR) species distribution data. The data is organized into folders according to major taxonomic groups in CWHR. Each species is represented by a single shapefile and is named according to its 4 digit alpha-numeric CWHR ID code. The file lookup.xls contains a record for each species including its CWHR ID, scientific name, common name, and range map revision history (available for download at Each layer contains the following attributes: a SHAPE_NAME or CWHR ID code, species scientific and common name, and a season code. Season codes include S for summer-only, W for winter-only, and Y for yearlong. A few species have a migration-only stopover location mapped and represented with an M. The CWHR System software contains species predictions for migration-only locations, yet most of these are not mapped. The CWHR species range maps are continually being reviewed and updated as new animal occurrence data becomes available, especially in digital format. While the original maps were digitized from 1:5,000,000 scale depictions of range, a major revision effort started in 1995 to have maps reviewed and delineated by species-level experts at a scale of 1:1,000,000. Maps dated later than 1995 are therefore much more detailed and precise in their representation of a species' range. Increasingly, species-level experts and CWHR staff have made every effort, where justified by the distribution of known species observations or known habitat associations, to represent a species' range with standard polygons of major geographic features in California such as mountain ranges, valleys, buffered river corridors, and ecological subsections of California. The smallest units of the "Ecological subregions of California: section and subsection descriptions" (Miles and Goudy, 1997. USDA Forest Service Report No. R5-EM-TP-005) capture areas with very similar soils, vegetation, precipitation, geology, climate, and geography. In cases where a population of a species is known to be isolated, its point location is buffered to a minimum radius of 2 miles. CWHR range data can be used together with vegetation maps and CWHR habitat suitability ranks to create habitat suitability maps for species using the CWHR BioVIEW program. Habitat suitability scores and the BioView program are available through the CWHR software, which is available for free download at Note that habitat suitability ranks were developed based on habitat patch sizes >40 acres in size, and are best interpreted for habitat patches >200 acres in size. For further information, see the CWHR User's Guide and FAQ at
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