BIOS Viewer Changes - Production Release

BIOS Monthly Data Report 2017-08-09 pdf

Processed Datasets:

* Asterisk indicates dataset contributor

NEW SECURE datasets posted to BIOS:


NEW PUBLIC datasets posted to BIOS:

CWHR Datasets – [ds2000 to ds2199] 200 DATASETS *CDFW
CWHR Datasets – [ds2600 to 2629] 30 DATASETS *CDFW
Biological Resources Inventory (BRI) Direct Observations ‐ CDFW [ds2672]
Pacific Lamprey Historic and Current Distribution ‐ USFWS [ds2673]

New Base/reference layers posted to BIOS:


UPDATED datasets

UPDATED SECURE datasets posted to BIOS:

CNDDB (gov ed) [ds45] *CDFW
CNDDB (comm. ed) [ds85] *CDFW
Spotted Owl Observations [ds704] *CDFW
Spotted Owl Observations Spider Diagram [ds705] *CDFW
Unprocessed Data from CNDDB Online Field Survey Form [ds1002] *CDFW
Animal Data From CNDDB Online Field Survey Form [ds1354] *CDFW
Historic Stocked Waters ‐ California [ds583] *CDFW
Wildlife Observations ‐ NRIS ‐ USFS [ds1059]

UPDATED PUBLIC datasets posted to BIOS:


UPDATED Base/reference layers posted to BIOS:


Version 5.56.24 Latest Changes

  1. Fishing Guide Planting Locations drop down list incomplete display fixed.

Version 5.55.18 Latest Changes

  1. Updated JavaScript API version from 3.20 to 3.21.

Version 5.54.20 Changes

  1. Allow .org domain MapServer URLs through proxy.

                            EDIT--proxy.ashx:238:GetToken()... dottype=".org/"
  2. Fix missing EcoRegions drop down list in GeoFind tool after EcoRegions layer update in reference layers.

  3. Made BIOS Catalog available in ACE-II.

                            EDIT--appconfig-ace.js: 181: var toolsToInit = ["bs"...
  4. Fixed bug on selection of Spotted Owl Observations [ds704] for reporting.

  5. Turned on Fishing Closure layer in Fishing Guide.

Version 5.53.31 Changes

  1. New Production BIOS is running on ArcGIS Server 10.5.

  2. Fixed bug in Query Builder Field Value Filter where user enter special characters in single quotes resulted in 404 Error.

    TIP: When entering search term for a text field there is no need to include single quotation marks, unless you are looking for apostrophe-s in the string, in that case type in ''s

Version 5.52.28 Changes

  1. Fixed issue where the Counties layer is automatically activated when removing a layer that is not the current Active Layer.

  2. Fixed bug where a new bookmark created after CNDDB layer is removed still includes the removed CNDDB layer.

Version 5.51.16 Changes & Hotfixes

  1. Select From List on Active Layer bug for Lands and Marine viewers fixed.

  2. Print Task fixed.

  3. GeoFind tool CDFW Lands picklist fixed.

  4. Fixed basemap loading errors with new server URL added to proxy.config file.

Version 5.50.28 Changes

  1. Upgraded map app to ArcGIS JavaScript API version 3.20.

    Fixed blank tooltip on graphic selection drawing tool.
  2. New map services from ArcGIS Server 10.5 published.

Version 5.49.31 Changes

  1. Bookmark 940 updated

    Removed ds893, ds1000, and ds1021 and added ds770 and ds2632
  2. Changed BIOS icon BIOS link from BDB home page to BIOS home page.

  3. Added changes to Fishing Regulations.

  4. Added latest NAIP 2016 imagery as basemap options.

Version 5.48.27 Changes

  1. Warn user to use Selection as Filter to prevent Print Map error if selection is very large.

  2. Warn user to use Selection as Filter to prevent Print Map error if selection is very large.

  3. Warn user to activate CNDDB layer before passing new query from RareFind to Bios.

  4. Hide the reference layers repeated for CDFW Facilities and CDFW Owned Lands in Lands viewer.

Version 5.47.22 Changes

  1. Commas are removed in EONDX values passed into Bios from RareFind query. On click of RF (RareFind) button the CNDDB layer is also activated.

  2. Keep selection done with Layer Filter turned on even after Layer Filter is turned off or changed. Setting layer filter no longer deletes current selection. Graphic selection will only select features that are visible if Filter is on.

  3. GeoFind tool change: upon coordinate datum shift, the map will perform a pan action staying in the same zoom level. Zoom-to action will now focus to Level 13.

    GeoFind PLSS Tool Help link updated to document library article about PLSS
  4. Layer Filter tool odd behavior bug fixed for Selection As Filter used to turn a text query (e.g. COMMON_NAME = 'osprey') result into a feature filter display, and previous selection result table is also cleared.

Version 5.46.28 Changes

  1. Fishing Guide Planting Schedule enhancements: planting dates now extends farther back to past 6 months and info display compacted in left panel. Fixed mismatched Planting and historical fishing locations.

Version 5.45.13 Changes

  1. Special Function tool enhancement for CWHR layers.

  2. CNDDB QuickView Species Quads tool - NEW!

  3. CNDDB Layers when using Identify tool slow response bug fixed.

Version 5.43.26 Changes

  1. Fixed bug where secure layers beyond particular login permission still appeared.

  2. GeoFind tool PLSS result X-Y fields output changed from map x-y to longitude and latitude.

Version 5.42.30 Changes

  1. BIOS dataset production date added into mini-metadata display.

Version 5.41.13a (HOTFIX-20160602)

  1. Hot fix on CNDDB Report change.

Version 5.41.13 Changes

  1. Fishing Regulations updated in Fishing Guide and Freshwater Sport Fishing Regulations app

  2. BIOS Bookmark 940 updated to include new Vegetation layers ds1395, ds1500, and ds1501 - Orange County 1992, Point Mugu, and San Nicolas Island.

  3. Added new Species Elements Quad Status tool to the CNDDB Quick View tools.

  4. Updated BIOS Home Page from old to new URL.

Version 5.40.28 Changes

  1. Save bookmark with an external map service in it bk2116

  2. Load external map service with a cryptic name like USGS CSCMP (Bolinas To Pescadero) added through Add Map Service tool and loaded it with custom name (above).

Version 5.40.06 Changes

  1. Fixed bug in Golden Eagle Observations [ds963] (secure layer) where some field aliases fail to show up in identify result table column heading.

  2. Made default bottom panel height slightly taller in Fishing Guide.

Version 5.39.30 Changes

  1. Fishing Guide bug fixed where Last Year Planted value did not show up when fishing location is initially selected from the pick list.

  2. Updated fishing closure layer description to include most recent dates.

  3. Bios Search with Extent Filter bug fix where search did not return result.

Version 5.39.16 Changes

  1. Fishing Guide user interface changes - Fishing Regulations toggle button

  2. BIOS Bookmark 940 updated to include new vegetation layers ds1345 and ds1346 - Cow Creek and Mill Creek.

  3. GeoFind tool fixed for a bug where after using Geographic Names search the Zoom-to button fails for Township-Range-Section search result.

Version 5.39.07 Changes

  1. GNIS Table updated for Geographic Names search in GeoFind tool

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