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California is a great place to fish!

To help you plan your fishing day, the California Department of Fish and Game has developed the Fishing Guide.

It allows you to see many of California's excellent fishing spots and learn about the services and facilities they have to offer.

The Fishing Guide contains locations which Fish and Game has determined will offer excellent opportunities for recreational fishing.

These locations were derived in part from the DFG's trout planting data, as well as from input by DFG regional and headquarters staff.

The fishing locations displayed here represent the more popular sites throughout the State.

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    The lakes outlined in red are considered infested with quagga mussels. These animals are an invasive species capable of causing great damage to the aquatic ecology of the lake and water conveyance structures. Boaters should anticipate inspections at launch ramps around the state. Remember to always CLEAN, DRAIN AND DRY.  More Info

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    The QuickView tool provides public access to basic information taken from the California Natural Diversity Database (CNDDB). A subscription is required to obtain the full, detailed information available in the CNDDB. The CNDDB QuickView contains "Mapped" and "Unprocessed" CNDDB data at the 7.5' quad and county levels. The "Unprocessed" CNDDB data has NOT been quality controlled and may contain errors. Neither the CNDDB QuickView, nor the full version of the CNDDB, are to be substituted for pre-project review or for on-site surveys. More detailed information about the QuickView tool will soon be available.

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