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Layer: Predicted substrate of North Central California (ID: 2)

Name: Predicted substrate of North Central California

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Type: Raster Layer

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Description: Marine habitat mapping data for the North Central Coast region. Products are the result of shallow water data collected in 2010, 2009, and 2008 merged with the previously-released 2007 data. Due to time elapsed between seabed surveys, temporal change may be observed in the surface models in some sedimented areas. Because these vertical differences in seafloor elevation are due to movement of sediment over time, and thus represent the true bottom character at the time of each survey, no attempt was made to minimize or adjust these vertical differences along survey boundaries in combined data products. The provided survey footprint polygons illustrate the extent of data collected in individual years, and can be used to discern if an elevation difference observed in the DEM or other products is due to temporal change. A subsection of seafloor data (H12111) collected in 2009 by Fugro Pelagos, Inc for NOAA was also merged with the North Central Coast CSMP data. Acquisition and processing metadata for the FPI/NOAA data set can be found in FPI document OPR-L430-KR-09. Bathymetry products are presented according to standard California State Mapping Project specifications, including depth-dependent resolutions of 2m for data from the 0-85m depth range, 5m for 80-250m depth range, and 10m for depths of 230-1500m. A comprehensive 5m data set was produced for the total survey coverage only if per block data exceeded 85m depth and 5m resolution products were included. Surveys for Block A01 were conducted on June 6, 2010; August 3, 2010; June 18, 21-23, 26-27, 2009; July 6, 11-14, 2009; August 2, 2009; February 12-13, 2007; April 2, 2007. FPI/NOAA data was collected between June 14-August 7, 2009.This GRID is a mosaic of all available source rasters listed above. Resolution is 2m but precision is constrained by the source resolutions stratified by depth as described above. Sustrate classes (1=rock, 0=sediment) are determined by masked rugosity thresholds as descibed in process steps. Please refer to original source tiles for specific characteristics of data at that location. Source data are from

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Copyright Text: California Seafloor Mapping Project, California State University Monterey Bay, USGS, Fugro Pelagos, Moss Landing Marine Labs Mosaic and map service distribution by California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Marine Region

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