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Layer: 2016 (ID: 1)

Name: 2016

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Type: Raster Layer

Geometry Type: null

Description: This vector dataset is a thematic map representing mosaicked multi-spectral imagery, targeting both exposed and submerged kelp beds along the California coastline and Channel Islands. The imagery used to create this classification was acquired at a spatial resolution of 0.3 meters using a Microsoft UltraCam Eagle digital camera acquiring in the red, green, blue, and near-infrared bands. The image mosaic product used for the classification is a result of the resampling of the 0.3 meter data to 2 meter resolution. The data are projected in California Teale Albers using North American Datum 1983. Surface kelp canopy and subsurface kelp classifications are separate. The data was collected and processed by Sandoval & Associates, LLC under contract by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). CDFW must be credited with the distribution of these data. The imagery was collected September 3-25, 2016. This dataset is complete at this time, although the user should note any omissions. DISCLAIMER The user is cautioned against making direct comparisons between the various kelp surveys for the following reasons: (1)Timing of the survey is important, particularly with respect to growing season, conditions in the ocean, storms, and harvest levels preceding the dates of imagery collection. Season variability may account for differences in surveys which may not reflect a change in the bed's extent, productivity, or harvest level. (2) Statisical significance in change of area should be evaluated. To do this, a variance parameter is needed, which is obtained by repeated measurements. (3) Survey methods may not be consistent. Some method of calibration between the methods should be performed in order to insure a change of area is not due to survey instrumentation and not misinterpreted as a biological change. (4) An area where no kelp data are present may represent an area devoid of kelp, or may represent an area where kelp was not detected due to poor photo quality, missing photo coverage, or other issues with data collection and processing. Image coverage is extensive for the state, but the user is advised to consult the supplementary information for each year to determine whether imagery were acquired for an area of interest.This version is resampled to 5m cell grid from source vectors. This version is for cartographic uses only.

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Copyright Text: California Department of Fish and Wildlife - Marine Region, Sandoval & Associates, LLC

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